Tobacco-Stained Sky: anthology developments

Well, 30th June 2012 (yesterday, Japan-time) was the deadline for an anthology I’m currently working on in collusion with Another Sky Press – it’s a noir/dystopic collection of short stories and comic art titled The Tobacco-Stained Sky – and obviously I’ve been more than a little swamped over the past few days reading, looking, editing, and generally getting excited and over-the-moon about the submissions.

The perimetres here were simple: base the story in the not-too-distant, post-apocalyptic, acid rain-drenched, last-city-on-earth Melbourne that we last saw in Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat.

Otherwise, anything goes.

Thus far we’ve received scintillating work from writers Josh Stallings, Nigel Bird, Paul D. Brazill, Guy Salvidge, Tony Pacitti, Chad Eagleton, Chris Rhatigan, Jay Slayton-Joslin, Gerard Brennan, Chad Rohrbacher and Kristopher Young, plus I threw in a couple as well. A handful of other writers asked for extra bonus time and may be added to this list.

Comic-wise I’m absolutely knocked out by the TSMG-specific work from Drezz Rodriguez (who does El Cuervo), Michael Grills (Runnin’ With a Gun, a snippet of whose work appears beside these very words), Nathan St. John (Baja), Marcos Vergara (La Mesa Habitual) and Harvey Finch (Logar the Barbarian – his picture tags the opening to this story). I’ve polished off one of my own too.

Anyway, all this needs to be put into some kind of order, polished up, formatted and edited – a lengthy, somewhat mundane process at the best of times, but with this kind of treasure-trove it will definitely be more fun. Look out for this anthology some time over the next six months to one year.

Now, back to those darn-tootin’ novels…?

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