Pulp Ink 2 + Japanese cinema

Thanks to editors Chris Rhatigan and Nigel Bird, the second volume of Pulp Ink has just been unveiled as a digital/Kindle anthology, possibly soon in paperback form as well.

Titled (suitably enough) Pulp Ink 2, you can grab the bugger @ Amazon now for $2.99.

There are some added bonus online comments about the anthology from fellow contributors Heath Lowrance, James Everington, and Patti Abbott. Other writers involved include Kevin Brown, Mike Miner, Eric Beetner, Matthew C. Funk, Richard Godwin, Cindy Rosmus, Christopher Black, W. D. County, Julia Madeleine, Kieran Shea, Joe Clifford, Katherine Tomlinson, R. Thomas Brown, Court Merrigan, BV Lawson, and me.

One of the best things is that profits from Pulp Ink 2 will got to a great cause, PLACE2BE.

So, anyway, I have two new characters in Pulp Ink 2: Roy Scherer and Suzie Miller, Investigators of the Paranormal and Supermundane – a kind of noir Laurel and Hardy dabbling with horror. This is their first outing, but I have two other short stories finished and may be doing more. They’re fun to toy with.

This Monday, I’m doing something completely different – rising and shining at 3:30 am, to head off to NHK’s studios in Shibuya for the shooting of a drama about one of Japan’s first post-war prime ministers, starring a relatively famous Japanese actor from Inception. Why am I not naming names? Well, I’m only a stroll-through gaijin extra on the set, but I’ve been sworn to secrecy – at least contract wise. Shhh.

Yesterday I got the final artwork for my next novel, which will be printed up and out in shops on October 26 via Perfect Edge. Yep, I’m edgy and twiddling my thumbs, even if the turnaround on this one has been insanely fast. I just want to hold the bugger in my mitts.

3 responses to “Pulp Ink 2 + Japanese cinema

  1. Andrez, Roy Scherer and Suzie Miller (Investigators of the Paranormal and Supermundane) sound like great characters. I’m looking forward to reading your contribution to PI2.

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