One Hundred Years of Vicissitude: pre-order

OK. Time to ignore the heat and get writing on the current book, but procrastination is easy when it’s 6:00 am and 31°C inside the apartment, with 81% humidity. Still, I’d probably complain in the middle of winter (in fact, I know I have), since doing silly little things like updating this new blog are easier than biting the bullet and/or stretching the imagination.


Kind of.

Also, I’m sunburnt from walking round Yokohama yesterday, prior to pitching in as hack extra on a new NHK drama that stars a needing-to-be-unnamed (terms of my contract) Japanese actor; you might know him from Inception. I was celebrating 11 years in Japan, so did some sight-seeing. Hence red forehead. By the way, said actor was very cool and very funny – we shared a joke and my estimation of him (already high) shot up a couple of notches.

Time to stop rambling nonsensically here, and get back to the book before La Familia awakens.

In the meantime, check out this if you have time – my next novel, One Hundred Years of Vicissitude (out in paperback on October 26, 2012), is now available as a pre-order via Amazon USA and Amazon UK (just click on either for the links).

Big thanks to the publisher Perfect Edge.

There’s also a sneak preview of this novel – the prologue – online courtesy of K.A. Laity here – just scroll down past the rambling interview.

OK, back to it.

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