Off The Record 2 anthology

The brand new anthology edited by Luca Veste and Paul D. Brazill features 47 stories from 47 writers across the world and is a charity release intended to aid children’s literacy. I have a story in there too… owing a huge debt to Biggles.


Off The Record 2 – At The Movies. A Charity Anthology brings together 47 short stories using film titles for inspiration and, like its predecessor (the Spinetingler Award-nominated Off The Record), this is supporting children’s literacy charities in the UK and US.

For my contribution I decided to go for a flippant version of Captain W. E. Johns’ classic Biggles romps – you know, the books about the ace pilot and adventurer written from the 1930s. Huzzah! Tally ho forthwith, etc, etc.

I’m also poking fun at racial stereotypes – the German officer, Wilhelm Klink, is based on Colonel Klink from Hogan’s Heroes and other sham “German” characters I’ve seen on the telly. So it’s an adventure, hopefully amusing, and also a convoluted love story. With a God.

Anyway, the awesome anthology clocks in at 364 pages, available in Kindle form @ Amazon USA and Amazon UK, other digital versions @ Smashwords, and also as a good ol’ paperback here.


Here’s the line-up and the movies used by the other literary cads:

Will Carver – Night of the Day of the Dawn of the Son of the Bride of the Return of the Revenge of the Terror of the Attack of the Evil, Mutant, Hellbound, Flesh-Eating Sub-humanoid Zombified Living Dead – Part 2 – in Shocking 2-D

Stav Sherez – Bringing Up Baby

David Jackson – Time Machine

Helen FitzGerald – The Life of Brian

Steve Mosby – 9 Songs

Claire McGowan – The Postman Always Rings Twice

Adrian McKinty – From Here to Eternity

Maxim Jakubowski – Vertigo

Paul Brazill – Silver Dream Racer

Nick Quantrill – Get Carter

Patti Abbott – Mermaids

Matt Hilton – How The West Was Won

Vincent Holland-Keen – The Umbrellas of Cherbourg

Sean Cregan – The City of Lost Children

Mel Sherratt – Dead Man Walking

Eva Dolan – The Conversation

Steven Miscandlon – Night of the Living Dead

Pete Sortwell – Apt Pupil

Keith B Walters – Don’t Look Now

R.Thomas Brown – Lost Highway

Christopher Black – Un Chien Andalou

Darren Sant – Devil’s Advocate

RJ Barker – Searching for the Wrong Eyed Jesus

James Everington – Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex (But were afraid to ask)

Gill Hoffs – Kiki’s Delivery Service

Chris Rhatigan – Jaws

Eric Beetner – The Graduate

Steve Weddle – The Window

Cath Bore – Every Girl Should Be Married

Andrez Bergen – Victor Victoria

AJ Hayes – Dead Man

Ian Ayris – Unforgiven

K.A. Laity – The Bride With White Hair

Stuart Ayris – In The Heat Of The Night

Col Bury – Eyes Wide Shut

Benoit Lelievre – Weekend at Bernies

Richard Godwin – Once Upon a Time in the West

McDroll – Gregory’s Girl

SJI Holliday – Pretty Woman

Steven Porter – Taxi Driver

Court Merrigan – Natural Born Killers

Luca Veste – Goodfellas

…and that’s one swinging collection.

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