Yep, now confirmed – my second novel ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF VICISSITUDE has been published and is available as a paperback through Phil Jourdan‘s Perfect Edge Books.

The novel is now available here via Amazon USA – only $14 @ the moment (a $4 discount) in case anyone is… er… vaguely curious.

The Kindle version isn’t yet available, and orders through Amazon UK and Amazon Japan take a little longer. Still, friends of mine in Scotland and San Francisco already have a copy – though I haven’t seen one yet!

What’s the synopsis?

Roughly-speaking, this is the story of identical twin centenarians born on the first day of the Great Depression, one of whom loathes the other; it’s a purgatorial tour through twentieth-century Japanese history, with a ghostly geisha who has seen it all as a guide and a corrupt millionaire as her reluctant companion. Thrown into the milieu are sak√©, B-29s, Lewis Carroll, Sir Thomas Malory, Melbourne, The Wizard of Oz, and a dirigible – along with the allusion that Red Riding Hood might just be involved…

We have 10 great reviews on there already (I’m completely chuffed, obviously!) and big thanks to Stefan Blitz @ Forces of Geek for the nice ad piccy you see here.

By the way, I just had an interview with Luca Veste about the superb Off the Record 2 anthology, and the podcast interview with the very cool Renee Asher Pickup @ Books & Booze is now edited up and back online here.

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