Have I mentioned here that I love the free online short story site Shotgun Honey? Their guidelines are deceptively easy: “Crime. Hardboiled. Noir. Something like that. 700 words maximum. Make it tight. Make it hum.” And that’s it.

And the writers they’ve hosted boggles the senses: think, just for starters, Gerard Brennan, Allan Guthrie, Paul D. Brazill, Patti Abbott, Thomas Pluck, R. Thomas Brown, Nigel Bird, Matthew C. Funk, Julia Madeleine, Andrew Nette, Tony Black, Richard Godwin, Mike Miner, Chad Eagleton, Chris Rhatigan, Erik Arneson, Keith Rawson, Joe Clifford, Court Merrigan, Dan O’Shea, K. A. Laity, Chad Rohrbacher, Heath Lowrance, Josh Stallings and Fiona Johnson (a.k.a. McDroll).

Anyway, this month I have my second story on Shotgun Honey, titled ‘Neck-Tied‘, following the guidelines as mentioned above. The previous contribution to the site (‘Come Out Swinging‘) has been made into a one-page comic with artist Andrew Chiu; we’ll be publishing that in 2013.

And the obligatory update about novel #2, published in October? One Hundred Years of Vicissitude has been doing excellently in terms of paperback sales (and reviews too!), according to my publishers at Perfect Edge Books, and now the Kindle version has also been released – check it out here.

Oh yeah, and if anyone wants to get hold of a digital version (for Kindle or iPod) to throw together a review for a magazine, blog, podcast or whatever, feel free to drop me a line. 😉

Otherwise, I just hit 92,000 words on the novel-in-progress, noir/superhero romp Who is Killing the Great Capes of Heropa? The edit is a slow process on this one (probably precisely because it’s so darned long) but I’m pretty sure I’ll be ready to roll in December.

It’s been an interesting exercise since the tome is written from a third-person perspective (my first two novels and most of my short stories are in first-person), and revolves around an ensemble crew rather than one or two distinct individuals.

I’ve also been lucky enough to get some great concept art from a couple of superb comic illustrators, such as this one of main hero Southern Cross, by Harvey Finch.

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