TSMG one of the Books-of-2012?

What a great way to finish off the year. Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat popped up in the list of novels-of-2012 thanks to the wunderbar Mihai @ Dark Wolf’s Fantasy Reviews: “One of the best discoveries of 2012, Andrez Bergen’s debut novel is a delight, both for the noir/post-apocalyptic story and the tribute brought to classic movies.”

TSMG_Front Cover

You can find out more HERE.

Also, if you’re keen. you can grab the free epub/Kindle/PDF of Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat, with a nifty cover by Scott Campbell, at my publishers Another Sky Press (HERE). The slick trade paperback is also only $4.74 + postage.

If you’re bored and/or twiddling thumbs over the new year, you can learn a bit about my upcoming next novel Who is Killing the Great Capes of Heropa? in these recent postings for Bleeding Cool and Forces Of Geek.

I’d say this’ll  be my last posting for 2012, an utterly brilliant year — mostly thanks to Phil Jourdan and the crew at Perfect Edge Books who published my second novel One Hundred Years of Vicissitude, as well as other supportive publishers (Snubnose Press, Shotgun Honey, Crime Factory & Fox Spirit), plus amazingly supportive fellow writers and readers. Ta, mates!

I was lucky enough to have it thrown into the Picks for 2012 by bloody brilliant Scottish scribe McDroll.


Over @ my other site JapaneseCultureGoNow! I’ve just addressed music, movies, Japanese stuff (obviously) and my fave writers and artists.

Here’s to 2013 — when I’ll be getting together again with Another Sky Press to unveil the anthology The Tobacco-Stained Sky, featuring writers like Josh Stallings, Nigel Bird, Paul D. Brazill, Guy Salvidge, Tony Pacitti, Chad Eagleton, Gordon Highland, Chris Rhatigan, Liam Jose, Jay Slayton-Joslin, Gerard Brennan, Chad Rohrbacher, Julie Morrigan and Kristopher Young, plus comic artists Drezz Rodriguez (who does El Cuervo), Michael Grills (Runnin’ With a Gun), Nathan St. John (Baja), Marcos Vergara (La Mesa Habitual), Andrew Chiu and Harvey Finch (Logar the Barbarian).

Happy new year, anyone who bothers to read this — and all the best for 2013! 😉

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