100 Hundred Years of Vicissitude #1 at Amazon Fantasy

Well, this was kind of unexpected and caught me napping — well, nabbed me while sipping on strong coffee doing other stuff. I wasn’t aware that Perfect Edge were discounting the e-version of my novel One Hundred Years of Vicissitude over at Amazon from today (it’s $1.99) and next thing I knew it’d climbed to #1 at the Amazon Kindle Fantasy chart.


Crap, ’tis nice to see it hit there… zounds! Cheap eats? Prob’ly it’ll slide right back out again, but I have an undoctored happy-snap to prove it. Heh-heh… cheap thrills #106.

Well, ’tis January 2013, and a few things are already afoot with the new novel Who is Killing the Great Capes of Heropa?, which is still in manuscript form and currently being considered by the prospective publishers.

We’ve had great support from Jason Garrattley @ the Jack Kirby Museum — you can read his words here. Obviously the Kirby-inspired artwork (and direction of the novel) has helped. And Comic Bastards did a nice write-up here.

Amazon Number 1 Jan 12 2013

Otherwise I also just did a write-up on my Gatchaman/G-Force movie-shoot experience at Forces Of Geek.

Really looking forward to seeing the finished All Due Respect anthology later this month, plus finishing off a story for the Slit Your Wrists magazine collection.

Gotta go — day job duty calls! 😉

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