January 2013 update

OK, well, I’ve kind of been ignoring this blog since I went back to work (teaching) after the new year break, plus I was focused on finishing up the first glad-bag collection/anthology of my stuff — a mix of noir and surreal short stories, comicbook asides, hardboiled moments, fantasy, dystopia, snapshots of Japanese culture, and the existentialism (supposedly) of contemporary experimental electronic music. 72518_307987425988265_1515368142_n

There’s also somewhat embarrassing older material in there, new comic art, and a range of articles written about music and Japan from 1999 to 2013.

This swag is set to be called The Condimental Op.

Anyway, I finished it up a few days ago and it’s currently with the publisher, awaiting appraisal and scheduling (fingers crossed they dig it), and it’ll come with cover art conjured up by my daughter Cocoa. So I now have two books with publishers, including the latest novel Who is Killing the Great Capes of Heropa?, which has actually been a blessing since I could tweak the manuscript while I wait for the verdict.

However, the older version was read by a group of trusted people (and very cool cats) including Renee Asher Pickup from the Books & Booze podcast crew, and Heath Lowrance (the author of The Bastard Hand and City of Heretics) and Lloyd Paige from The Huffington Post, and their abridged feedback is here. Thanks, mates!

sir omphalos belt 2

Right now I’m also fine-tuning character design artwork with some very talented artists, which I’ll announce (and show) soon. Looks bloody neat.

By the way, hats off to two of my publisher label-mates @ Perfect Edge Books, who have new books out through PEB: Craig Wallwork with The Sound of Loneliness, and Caleb J. Ross with Stranger Will: A Novel.

What else? At the beginning of February I have a story included in the new All Due Respect anthology, put together by Chris Rhatigan for the people at Full Dark City Press. CJ Edwards over there just announced that once the ebook is released, it’ll be priced at .99 cents — pretty mad, considering that writers like Joe Clifford, Patricia Abbott, Nigel Bird, Tom Pitts, Chris Leek, Richard Godwin, Mike Monson, Matthew C. Funk, Fiona Johnson (McDroll), Ron T. Brown and David Cranmer are all included.


There are a couple of other anthologies I’ve submitted material to but haven’t yet received a yea/nay, so I’ll desist from hyping here and then getting the nose rubbed in my own inanity… except for one I can’t resist, ‘cos I love the crew and the cover so much. I’ll just stick the cover picture here and leave the rest up to your detective skills.

Finally, big thanks to Jay @ the Comic Book and Movie Reviews site, who was gracious enough to hit me up with an interview as a bit of a teaser for the upcoming comicbook/noir-related Who is Killing the Great Capes of Heropa?


The questions were fun and I got to ramble on about my first comicbooks and my all-time favourites (Fantastic Four #25-26 from 1964), along with essential nods to Akira Kurosawa, George Sanders, 007 and Satoshi Kon.

Jay also works web info company Alexis, which is pretty neat to check out for stats and what-not.

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