I noticed a few publishers doing this big, online unveiling thing in which they yank a digital drape off their latest artwork for upcoming book covers. Guess it’s good promo and gets people’s literary tootsies excited. Hmm. Are there really such things as literary tootsies? Just woke up. Whack me one, will you?

The Condimental Op_COVER

Anyway, thought I’d hop on the bandwagon and do my own upcoming book cover “reveals” — et voilà.

The first one (right) is for The Condimental Op, a collection of short stories, articles and comicbook collaborations I’ve been involved with. The artwork on the wraparound is by my seven-year-old daughter Cocoa, and cobbled together by Nick Welch @ Perfect Edge Books. Cocoa’s artwork rocks my socks — I’m so darned happy to be able to utilize it, and have Perfect Edge agree to do so and exceed my expectations in putting together a finished product. My publishers ROCK.


The second cover is the current one I’ve developed with excellent Mexican artist Rodolfo Reyes for Who is Killing the Great Capes of Heropa? This may change, but I doubt it. Originally we had an art deco/Soviet propaganda style superhero (he’ll now grace the back cover), and have gone instead for this simple idea.

It certainly captures the noir/1930s style of Heropa city itself and the homage within the novel to Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett, but I do worry that the heavier influence of 1960s Marvel comics is neglected here. Still, there are always the splash-pages within the novel, most of which reference the great Jack Kirby.

Speaking of which, the manuscript just received a wunderbar analysis/review from one of my favourite writer/reviewers, Fiona Johnson (a.k.a. McDroll). You can read what you has to say about it here.

There’s more feedback here from some very, very cool cats. Thanks to all these people; go check out their own fine stuff — which is why I asked ’em to have a read.

Reveals out.

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