August swings around

OK, so we’ve had our bon odori fiestas (see last post), and last week, after twelve years in this country, I did something for the first time that’s apparently quite the lure for English teachers in Japan, mostly because of the bonus-extra cash—going on a school camp during summer vacation.

In this case it was a three-day affair, attempting to teach a bunch of junior high school girls I’d never before met, without any idea of their English language level and no access to a PC, whiteboards, textbooks or a photocopier.

But you know what was the icing on the cake?

Getting home to my own bed, silence, real food, and a box full of promo-copies of my next novel, due out in September.



473 pages of madness… bound and printed. Bliss. Thank YOU, Phil Jourdan and Perfect Edge Books! I’m still in thrall to the buggers.

The novel isn’t officially released until September (pre-order is up @ Amazon, however), and over the past couple of weeks—aside from school camps, crazy summer festivals and receipt of books—I’ve been able to do the following:

(1) Do a series of comic book shorts with fellow Melburnian Matt Kyme, who’s behind That Bulletproof Kid—he’s on madly fast art chores while I spin silly yarns. I’m supposed to have started my fourth novel, but am taking a bit of a hiatus to think of something interesting (and inspiring!) to actually write.


(2) Have a quick chat with Katy O’Dowd over at her site, as well as with Nicole Rodrigues @ Dork Shelf, who combined the interview with a blinding review of Who is Killing the Great Capes of Heropa?

(3) Score another cool review of the book thanks to Charlee Allden @ Smart Girls Love SciFi.


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