Novel finished, plus more reviews for Heropa

Well, ’tis 8°C here in Tokyo this morning @ 4:30 a.m …and I’m feeling it. Brrrr!

But I’m merely pottering — because two days ago I completed novel #4, which is now a wrap. Can’t believe it’s done and is with the publishers for consideration.




The new one clocks in at 87,604 words, and the gist? Basically, female protagonist, set in 1986. Goth/post-punk references, a mystery/crime/comicbooks/coming-of-age yarn and… a little horror.

Based in Melbourne again. And not.

Anyway, will stop waffling. As I mentioned, I can’t believe I finished but I have to see if the publishers actually dig it enough to release. Still organizing cover artwork (I have a brilliant image in mind, and negotiating with the artist). Fingers crossed all round.

Otherwise, we’ve scored a couple more reviews for Who is Killing the Great Capes of Heropa? — there’s this absolutely brilliant (and hilarious) one thanks to Kriss Morton @ Cabin Goddess and a sweet critique from Naimeless. Thanks, mates!


In case you missed the bugger, Heropa is still 99¢ for the Kindle version @ Amazon USA.

And I just got word that Matt Kyme has started on the artwork for #2 of our comic book Tales to Admonish.

More news soon. Now to catch up on some R&R! 😉

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