Kickstarter campaign for TOBACCO-STAINED MOUNTAIN GOAT graphic novel + DEPTH CHARGING ICE PLANET GOTH full cover reveal and publication date

ImageLots happening this week, and not just the upcoming cherry blossoms starting to bud round Tokyo, Cocoa wrapping up Grade 2 today, or the visit to this city of two of my best mates in the world.

First up, I just received the full cover art for my next novel Depth Charging Ice Planet Goth — big thanks to Perfect Edge Books and  artists Nick, Kmye Chan and Sukapon-ta, as well as the early reviewers whose blurbs appear on the back cover or on the first two pages inside the novel — along with confirmation of the publication date (25th July, 2014) and the number of pages (342).

ImageSecondly, this week I got stuck into the creation of a new graphic novel interpretation of my first novel Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat. Just confirmed yesterday? We’re going to test out the waters of a Kickstarter campaign to fund this project — so please check out the details HERE. The comic book adaptation, while touching upon similar territory as the novel — with key characters Floyd and Laurel — will also be a little different, and include material from my ulterior tomes.

Today $595 has been pledged already in 24 hours, thanks to 9 amazing people (cheers to Jeff, Jayden, Chris, Jamie, Andreas, Johan, Julie, Tim and esp. Natalie for their incredibly generous support and encouragement, regardless of whether or not this project is a success!). Amazing. Also thanks to people like Renee, Paul, Ollie, Matt, Shawn, Gabino, Steven, Solly and Ryan for spreading the message and words of encouragement. You all rock.

We have a Facebook page set up. If anyone is interested, fantastic; if not, that’s also cool. Always is!

Finally, check out this fantastic review of our Black/White comic book thanks to Paul Bowler @ Sci-Fi Jubilee. The story in there that I did — ‘Waiting for Sod All’ — is actually the intro to the TSMG graphic novel (shhh!).

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