A new novel in the works, and wrapping up Bullet Gal

sb10064750i-001This past week marked two diverse flavours: one of closure, the other of commencement.

Before getting all airy-fairy I’ll explain this clearer — it means I polished off #11 of the Bullet Gal comic book series, after having decided to finish up with #12, and I started my fifth novel which has the working title The Mercury Drinkers.

I decided three weeks ago to conclude the current Bullet Gal arc, which just seems perfect timing, at an even dozen issues.

That clocks in at about 350+ pages. While the series has been an absolute romp and I’ve learned so much via the process — and while the critical reaction and sales have been amazing — I think I’ve told the story I wanted to tell.

art by andrez + ding

art by andrez + ding

Plans are afoot to collect all 12 issues into a trade paperback, and wunderbar artist Niagara Detroit has generously offered us use of one of her mind-blowing noir/pulp pictures for the front cover.

Meanwhile, back to the series… Well, rather than go too far off tangent or get overly self-indulgent, better methinks to keep the story tight. Besides, even while we’re publishing monthly via IF? Commix, Bullet Gal #12 won’t be out until May/June 2015.

By which point I hope to have polished off The Mercury Drinkers. Yeah, all right, I do live in a fool’s paradise, so shoot me. But I’d prefer you don’t.

And? There’s always more waffling, you know that. Continue on here to be assailed.

Anyway, where was I? Assailing, oh yeah. Think I assailed my own brain.

So, while one reason for wrapping up Bullet Gal was because the story arc had reached its logical conclusion, another couple of thoughts running interference were starting up the next novel, and clearing the way for a second comic book series — which may (or may not) relate to Bullet Gal. I can’t tell you more yet since I’m not 100% sure, but it should be fun indeed.

Bullet Gal #1-6.

Bullet Gal #1-6.

What I do need to express here is my absolute gratitude to the readers, peers, comic stores and critics who’ve been so damned supportive of the BG series… people like Shawn Vogt, Paul Bowler, John Kowalski, Steven Alloway, Galo Ramiro Gutierrez, Ollie Olsen, Matt Kyme, Paul Bedford, John Kowalski, Christopher TM, Artie Strickland, Heath Lowrance, Livius Nedin, Fiona McDroll, Mark Hobby, Merz Dada, Alix Jackson, Loni Kyme, John Gersten, Laurance Friend, Julian Darius, Peter Winnett, Joshua Steen, Travis McIntire, Jane Gutter, John Hamilton, Anthony N. Castle, Jason Franks, Harrison Chua, James Shirvill, the Classic Comics crew, Mitch @ All Star Comics, Comic Bastards, ReGeeken & Kabooooom.

Plus I need to thank upcoming contributing artists like artists Emily Hann, Leon @ K.ART, Joe Badon, Ding, Djok3, and Arthur Strickland.

And these latest links (below) make my li’l world.

Check out Steven @ Fanboy’s reviews of #3 and #4, Paul @ Sci-Fi Jubilee’s look at #3 and #4, Tim @ ReGeeken checking out #1-4, and Shawn on #4 at Project-Nerd, along with John’s write-up about the series in his column @ Word of the Nerd. There’s also this teaser for #5 (out at the end of October) thanks to Dustin @ Comic Bastards, and Dan @ Pandragon let me waffle on a bit about comics and writing here.

Excerpt, Bullet Gal #11

Excerpt, Bullet Gal #11

Steven @ Fanboy also recently reviewed the Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat graphic novel (ta, mate!), and Sarah @ I’m With Geek did a lovely write-up on TSMG and Kickstarter projects in general.

I’m additionally involved with Matt Kyme‘s awesome project That All Star Bulletproof Kid — a 100-page graphic novel anthology that’s basically a who’s who of Australian comic book people — and Bleeding Cool gave that some nice coverage. The book is amazing and well worth hunting down.

Indeed, Matt has great plans for 2015, and it’s been inspiring to work alongside the man as we kick and thrash with our baby IF? Commix.

If you’re curious at all about this Bullet Gal series, which as I mentioned does still have a lot of life to go — we only just officially published #5! — or That All Star Bulletproof Kid and Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat, you can pick up the digital versions for $1 at the IF? Commix site, or grab the physical versions from laudable comic book shops… 😉

That’s me for now — gotta head off to my day-job. It pays the real bills.

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