art by niagara detroit

art by niagara detroit

An hour ago, we wound up the Kickstarter campaign for the 12-issue Bullet Gal graphic novel collection — and thanks to 122 amazing people who financially supported the project, along with countless others who shared via social media, wrote about the thing, or offered up camaraderie and support, it’s fully funded and about to become reality.

I cannot thank these individuals enough. Without you, it’d still be a pipe dream stuck on my Mac and a few paper-copies in Melbourne.

Anyway, I’m obviously buzzing. This has happened 3 days before my birthday, and it means the limited edition comics we’ve been printing up monthly in Australia since July actually will get into the international market. Right now I’m tweaking the book, adding in a few extra pages and making the artwork (I think) better still.

The collection will be published in February/March via Canadian publisher Under Belly Comics, in collusion with Matt Kyme at IF? Commix back in Melbourne. And the added extras are shaping up to be quite insane — including pin-ups from artists like Matt, Walter Geovani (Red Sonja), Dan Watts, Asela De Silva, Al Barazi, Joe Badon, Maan House, Arthur Strickland, Jennyson Rosero, JGMiranda, ILEX22, Claudia Everest, Ardie, Emily Hann, Giovanni Ballati, and others being confirmed as I write.

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And then there’s that cover painting by Niagara Detroit, so hats off to both her and Garry, a.k.a. The Colonel.

Of particular help running the campaign were Adam @ Under Belly, Galo Ramiro Gutierrez, Shawn Vogt, John Kowalski, Paul Bowler, Steven Alloway, Fanboy Comics, Sequart, Project-Nerd, Panels and Pixels, Sci-Fi Jubilee, ReGeeken, the Australian Comics Journal, Daily Steampunk, The Founding Fields, Elizabeth A. White, 8th Wonder Press, Tony Black, Bleeding Cool, We The Nerdy, Paneloids, ComicsOnline, Patricia Abbott, NoirCon, Graphic Policy, The Next Best Book Blog, ComicBuzz, Walter Geovani, David Aja, Steve Epting, and Dead End Follies.

If I missed your name, a million apologies; I’m a wee bit headless right now.

There’s an incredible round-up of all 12 issues of Bullet Gal, including the six as-yet-unreleased ones, thanks to Shawn Vogt here; these are what will be making up the trade paperback.

art by dan watts

art by dan watts

Reece at The Cult Den was also super-helpful in the final days, running an issue-by-issue breakdown of a page from the first six issues; you can check out #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 and #6.

Finally, thanks to all who have helped make my crazy, off-beat dream about to become a reality.

You guys are worth your individual weight in pirated gold ducats. 😉

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