Bullet Gal trade paperback, Trista & Holt comics, reviews, usb problems, and… ballet

Bullet Gal trade paperback in the flesh

Last night I received something I’ve been quite eagerly hanging out for over the past few months: the 348-page, 12-issue collected edition trade paperback of Bullet Gal.

And the thing is gorgeous. Sure, I always knew it’d be heavy enough to double-up as a door-stopper, but I wasn’t expecting the book to look so damned professional, glossy and beautiful—on par with Image Comics publications.

And it’s not just my hack artwork at play here; there’s the addition of 24 other, far more talented artists as well—think stuff by Matt Kyme, Dan Watts, Maan House, Asela De Silva, Walter Geovani, Neville Howard, Andres Silva Blanco, Al Barazi, Chris Yarbrough, David Foster, Zack Rezendes, Joe Badon, Giovanni Ballati, Steve Myers, and Jennyson Rosero.

Here’s a collage of some images/pages to gain a better idea.

Twitter bullet Gal collageBy the way, those cupid-esque statuettes behind the book in the first photo, the ones hanging out on the desk with fruit, are not mine, I swear!

They’re my daughter Cocoa’s.

And in fact Cocoa had much to do with Bullet Gal as she helped me decided upon particular cover variations and some key images in the book, plus she appears in a couple.

Bullet Gal: It’s Not You, It’s Me is out from our IF? Commix imprint thanks to Under Belly Comics in North America (if interested in grabbing a copy, make sure you use code 15OFF to save 15%).

Page 66 sample art

We’ve had to do a wealth of promotion (a lie in itself since it hardly lines anyone’s pockets!) and sent the book out for reviews—but have been fortunate enough to (a) deal with super-nice people in the process, who actually know their stuff, and (b) received some great crits and feedback.

Which makes it much more fun.

“Beyond the meta-criticism of art and the creative process, Bullet Gal is fun to read if you’re in love with noir tropes. Bergen has a gift for recreating the dialogue of the great writers like Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett, and passing it on to a femme-fatale.”

So, anyway, I ended up talking about things with Bleeding Cool and Paul Brazill @ Brit Grit & International Noir along with a longer interview at Geek Mash, and Comic Bastards have an overview of what to expect here.

The book has received some sublime reviews from Fanboy Comics, Flickering Myth, All-Comic, Graphic PolicyCultured Vultures, Australian Comics Journal, Starburst MagazineDigital Riot and Weird and Wonderful Reads, along with support from Crime Fiction LoverAction A Go Go, Sci-Fi Jubilee, ReGeekenPaneloids, ComicBuzz, Geeks Of Doom, Whatcha, Geeks With Wives and IndieComiX.

A couple of months ago Derek & Andy at the hugely respected Comics Alternative podcast did a spotlight on Bullet Gal in Episode 118. Mind-blowing stuff… but very, very cool.


#9, #10

Bullet Gal 10 PROPER COVER#9 in the monthly Bullet Gal series (the “silent” one) has just been published in Australia—garnering choice reviews from Steven Alloway @ Fanboy Comics and Dan Leicht @ All-Comic—while #8 scored bloody luv’ly praise from Gary Makries @ Geeks Of DoomJosh McCullough @ We the Nerdy, Cory Anderson @ Geeks With Wives, Steven again @ Fanboy Comics, Dan again @ All-Comic, and Paul Bowler @ Sci-Fi Jubilee.

Thank YOU, mates.

#10—feat. Little Nobody—will be released on May 1st.


We’ve recently debuted #1 and #2 of my new comic book series Trista & Holt—which is based on the Tristan & Iseult legend of yore.

I outlined the series’ background for Pulp Pusher a little while back, and it’s already got some bloody nice feedback plus reviews from Steven Alloway @ Fanboy ComicsDan Leicht @ All-ComicDavid Melton @ Comic Up Comics, and Mara Wood of NerdSpan/Talking Comics (ta, all!).

Support has also been lent by First Comic News, and you can find out more and keep a tab on works-in-progress (I’m currently hammering out #8) at the comic’s Facebook page—which has updates, previews of upcoming artwork/covers, competitions, and discounted copies.

Page_01Issue 7 (due for release in August) is in fact a bumper double-issue “origin” yarn guest-written by American scribe Renee Asher Pickup (Revolt Daily). This was a fantastic experience being able to bounce out of another writer’s words, particularly since Renee (like me) is a fan of the old legend, yet was able to brilliantly project that into a noir-style era sitting pretty somewhere in the 1960s.

I love what she accomplished.

Anyway, here’s a sneak preview of the cover art for that one.

We’ve just received news that a fairly reputable major publisher may be interested in compiling the series (once finished) as a graphic novel…


Oh, and work is well underway for the long-awaited Tales to Admonish #4 from IF? Commix, which was intended to be an extended volume graphic novel—but Matt and I have decided instead to go back to our roots, have fun, and produce it as a comic instead. This time my silly yarns are being interpreted by Australian artists Adam Rose, Ken Best, Simon A. Wright and Gareth Colliton.

‘Tis best to keep an eye on the TTA Facebook page for updates and further info, but here (below) is a sample of what to expect from Ken Best.


Don’t worry, the girl at the end of the pistol doesn’t end up being the loser here. Some things are deceptive—as well they ought to be.

Like …ahem…


My own fault, I know—you should never, ever rely on technology, particularly one instrument of same. But my Dropbox was full, I have no secondary hard-drive, and our Mac was overloaded and sluggish. So I acted on some advice to go buy a usb stick (a decent Toshiba 16GB one) and temporarily backed up about 12GB of stuff from the computer.

This was most of my collection of digital silver age comics—but also included the original files for the individual Bullet Gal comics, the original artwork for the Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat graphic novel, a lot of notes and chapters from the novel I’m currently working on (The Mercury Drinkers), and a swag of unfinished short stories, along with unfinished Little Nobody tracks.



I needed to delete all these files then off the Mac so we could continue to use it without the thing running out of memory every day.

The back-up was only ever going to be temporary; I was going to double-up as soon as I found time.

Excuses, excuses.

I was lazy and time, sadly, has run out.

When I slotted in the usb yesterday, the files were corrupted and written in gobblygook—so I ejected and tried again. Now everything’s gone.


I guess getting Bullet Gal in the post-box an hour later was perfect timing, but I’ve surprised myself how well I’ve dealt with this. I thought I’d go to pieces. I have previously, when I lost a lot less.

Go figure! 😉


Anyway, it was a matter of course last night that Cocoa took the new Bullet Gal tome from me to do a spot of quality control.

IMG_9270Oh, and she has her hair done ballet-style in this pic for a reason—it’s functional rather than fashion.

Cocoa’s currently doing ballet lessons 4 times a week for her first national competition next month, and a stage performance before 1000+ people in June; at both she’ll be doing Princess Florine’s bluebird variation from The Sleeping Beauty. The girl is mad about ballet, and it’s infectious.

Hence the ballet DVDs everywhere and our lack of a couch (she needs space to practice)—but I guess this doesn’t explain away the cupids. Or the wayward usb sticks.


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