SmallChange(OrigVers)It’s been awhile between scribbling here, mostly because I’ve taken on full-time high school teaching work, but also since I’ve been head-down putting together several issues of Trista & Holt (am currently working on #10), promoting the Bullet Gal trade paperback from Under Belly Comics – and putting together the manuscript for my fifth novel.

This is actually my shortest thus far and certainly has the most abridged name (Small Change), and ties together all the Roy & Suzie stories I’ve done over the past couple of years for anthologies and comic books. In the process I tried to make it flow as a finished piece, set over a ten-year period, and is a fusion of hardboiled horror parody. This is currently with potential publishers (I submitted this week), but I already have a cover painting by artist Alec Goss – see above.

Otherwise, we’ve winding up the monthly issues of Bullet Gal from IF? Commix shortly once we reach the closing #12, and meantime have been gearing up Trista & Holt (#5 is out in June).

10382407_728347407262515_290314473501544355_oThe reviews/critiques for T&H have been nothing short of fantastic. Check out this round-up of #1~4 by Zeb Larson @ Flickering Myth, Nevada McPherson’s review of #4 @ Graphic Policy, Steven Alloway looks at #3 for Fanboy Comics, Dan Leicht did #4 for All-Comic, and ReGeeken spotlighted #3. Thanks to all these people for (a) reading the series and (b) getting it and sharing their feelings on same. It certainly inspires and encourages me while I plan out the later issues!

It can also be announced here and now – IF? Commix will be doing a very limited edition graphic novel of Trista & Holt in August, bringing together #1~5 and exclusively available for a launch in Melbourne in August.

More details… soon.

11038112_1839760306250071_816841057982504179_nOtherwise, Matt Kyme and I will also be pushing through a graphic novel collection of our series Tales to Admonish for IF?, with new artists involved, and this will be released in August too. The Bullet Gal trade was featured this month in Chicago @ C2E2 via the Under Belly Comics stand, as this happy-snap attests.

Oh, and I got interviewed here in Japan @ Gaijinass.

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