Latest Bullet Gal & Trista & Holt reviews, plus Melbourne in August

11248342_790437761053479_6544715690375674380_nRelease-wise through IF? Commix, Bullet Gal has just released its final #12, and the feedback has been bloody lovely to this and the preceding issue, along with the latest issues of Trista & Holt.

The kind of feedback that (a) keeps you on your toes and (b) keeps you making stuff. Not just from media, but from mates and strangers both. So thank YOU.

If you’re curious, check out the brand new reviews of Trista & Holt #1~4 at Flickering Myth, #5 at Graphic Policy, #5 at Fanboy Comics, and #6 at All-Comic.

Plus the final issue of Bullet Gal (#12) thanks to All-Comic and #11 over at Graphic Policy, Sci-Fi Jubilee and Fanboy Comics – while the Australian Comics Journal did an an all-encompassing write-up on Bullet Gal 7-12, along with the trade paperback of the entire series that we released in March via Under Belly Comics.

I actually just wrapped the finale of Trista & Holt (#15) but we’re not envisaging that out until late this year or early in 2016.

487197_10151109563350101_288087285_nThis August I’m heading back to Melbourne and Sydney for a fly-by-nighter to celebrate the 20th anniversary of IF? Records in both cities – more news on these events shortly.

So I’ll also be there on Saturday August 29th in Melbourne and launching the Tales to Admonish trade paperback of the first 3 issues plus a wad of new yarns, including the one by artist Adam Rose (see below), the Trista & Holt Vol. 1 (compiling issues 1~5) trade paperback and That Bulletproof Kid #5, alongside Falling Star #4, MiniTom #2, Hard Boiled #1, and other goodies, at All Star Comics Melbourne.

11537698_10153328355771183_290145160289113284_nSadly this will also mark the finale for Matt Kyme and myself doing comics under the IF? banner together, as we’ve decided to pursue ulterior projects that don’t really correspond.

It doesn’t mean the end of IF? per se, nor our friendship, and we’re not going to stop doing things – but frees both of us up to follow through on diverse plans rather than being tied beneath the same umbrella – which can be restrictive (there’s only so much room under a brolly!).

Regardless, the past two years of creativity together has been mad and I’ll miss that close camaraderie. Hats off to Matt for making a long list of impossible things possible, and blowing my brain with his artwork on Tales to Admonish.

More guff soon.

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