Little Nobody, Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat [redux], Small Change, Comics, Vinyl, and Trista & Holt

Little-Nobody-live_PBS-Benefit_19991-e1447146642835Hey, I just did an interview — this time mostly about muzak stuff — for Say What? magazine, to correspond with the upcoming double-vinyl Little Nobody records through My Own Jupiter. Ta, mates.

And particular kudos to Nicolas Lutz, Sebastian Bayne, IF? Records and Machine.

Page_2Other news to report?

Well, this is happening soon: Tobacco-stained Mountain Goat, the serialized and revamped comic book version, via Project-Nerd Publishing, which will be released over winter in the U.S. market.

It’ll probably run at up to six to twelve issues, though we’re still nutting out specifics. Given the nuts we are. 😉

Pre-order of #1 should be ready to roll this week, with a variant cover by Claudia Everest of A Dog A Day notoriety.


I have a story in Australia!, illustrated by the great Chris Wahl — with all proceeds going to beyondblue. It already looks fantastic; thanks again to Comicoz in Australia.

Last week I got a fantastic review of Trista & Holt #9, thanks to Dan Leicht @ All-Comic: “The artwork on this issue shows how Bergen has been evolving his craft as the series progresses… Something [he’s] been doing well with this series is making each issue feel like its own individual story, and yet still connected to the main story line. Even if you haven’t been reading Trista and Holt, this issue is loaded with enough to keep you entertained.”

Trista_Holt_10_1024x1024Even, better, however?

Dan’s review of #10 the very next day. “This is a concept where Bergen’s artwork comes into it in a big way… Dialogue has plays a big part in this issue. Bergen plays with the reader’s head a bit here, but in doing so creates a great mystery for the hard-boiled detective in all of us to figure out (read this issue with some black coffee and maybe a glass of whiskey).”

So, hats off (obviously) to both him and All-Comic.

There’s an additionally wunderbar review of Trista & Holt #9 thanks to Steven Alloway @ Fanboy Comics: “If you’re a fan of noir crime thrillers or comics that experiment with different narrative styles, then Trista & Holt is definitely worth your time… Heck, Lou and Moore could have their own spin-off series, walking through walls, observing the action, and offering their commentary. I’d read it.”

The seriously, seriously cool cats at The Canned Air Podcast last month put together an audio teaser for Trista & Holt too. I loved it so much, I harassed ’em for a copy, and butchered together some iconic images  at 4:30 am one morning to *go* with said audio. Maybe.

Finally, there’s a fantastic review of Trista & Holt #8 over @ Graphic Policy, thanks to Nevada McPherson:

“Issue 8 adds to the sweep of Trista & Holt as a complete, well-rounded, fully realized epic: a world of its own with roots in ancient romance (based on the legend of Tristan & Iseult) and the great gangster narratives that have endured through the years (Little Caesar, The Godfather). Anguish Holt’s backstory is as tragic as it is fascinating, adding another dimension to an already rich cast of characters.” Ta!

jhp55b8fc5a17393Novel #5 — Small Change — is out in just 4 weeks’ time (December 11th), with my fave feedback from some great nuggets coming via Impact Magazine: “Brutal, hilarious, essential. Read with a martini in one hand, pistol in the other, and your crucifix in the back pocket.”

I loved this bona fide critique of the new novel, thanks to John Rickards at The Nameless Horror.

BTW, any luv’ly crazy cats who wanna pre-order can do so here.


Well, the next novel (#6), titled Black Sails, Disco Inferno, is up around the 40,000-word mark. To stay better abreast of progress there — if at all interested! — check out the Facebook page.

3D_Man_WIP_by Frantz KantorAnd here’s the 3D MAN w.i.p. character design by Frantz Kantor for a comic story we’re doing together aimed at Comicoz‘s Oi Oi Oi! ‘zine in Australia.

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