99¢ novels + magpie comic


OK, so for all of December I’ve organized with my publishers to cut the price of Kindle versions of my back-catalogue novels to £0.79  (Amazon UK) and 99¢ (Amazon USA), which also effects Amazon Canada and Amazon Japan.

Not a yuletide-related thing, I swear, but… maybe. Ho Ho Ho. Mostly, I’m just celebrating the release of novel #5, Small Change, which’ll hit in 4 days’ time.

Magpie_Comic_Page_02 excerpt 3D on loo

3D Man brushes up on reading in the loo in ‘Magpie’; art by Frantz Kantor.

Also, big news at this end is that artist Frantz Kantor finished off our 8-page inaugural Magpie story (get a better sneak preview here), due to be published in the pages of Australian ‘zine Oi Oi Oi! in January 2016 — find out more about them, and show support to their Pozible campaign if you can. They’re responsible for bringing irascible people like me and Frantz together!

Anything else?

Um… I was able to have a great rant about all things hardboiled/noir over at Elizabeth A White‘s page (cheers as always).

Otherwise, big thanks for some luv’ly reviews for the ongoing Trista & Holt comic series, namely from Steven Alloway @ Fanboy Comics (#10) and Cory Anderson @ Geeks With Wives (#11).

OK, out of here now — I need to go pick Cocoa up from school! 😉

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