New Bullet Gal reveal, reviews, new novel, plus Crash Soirée

BULLET-GAL-v2_JUNIE-MILLS_art-by-Graeme-Kackson_hi-res-600x927I just did a piece for Bleeding Cool on the ongoing presence of my character Bullet Girl, a.k.a. Mitzi, last name unknown.

She started out as a bit-player in my 2013 novel Who is Killing the Great Capes of Heropa?, went on to star in a comic book series I wrote and did art for in 2014-15, has a trade paperback collection of same through Under Belly Comics in Canada, and was the main character in 2014 novel Depth Charging Ice Planet Goth.

Anyway, the Bleeding Cool article goes into greater detail, but the reason I mention this is because she’s making a comeback.

First off, I’m currently fine-tuning novel #7, which is based on the comic book series and seriously expanding upon same.

Secondly, fellow Aussie artist Graeme Jackson has convinced me to revive her as a guest-star in our upcoming comic Crash Soirée.

12932979_259748131027855_5806375277282391502_nHere’s another sneak preview from that comic, a W.I.P rough character sketch of principle character Jim Falk.

In my initial script Bullet Gal was a maybe, possibly a cameo, but over the past few weeks Graeme and I have put our heads together and conjured up an heir-apparent.

It’s been eye-opening stuff, and makes me realize the Bullet Gal idea is something that’s a little dangerously infectious.

Anyway, this Bullet Gal that Graeme and I dreamed up isn’t Mitzi at all.

She’s a bubblegum-masticating teenage “legacy” character named Junie Mills (her name’s a doff of the hat to pioneering Miss Fury creator Tarpé Mills) that sent me this week scrambling back to the Bullet Gal novel manuscript to insert Junie’s own origin – which involves Mitzi rescuing the six-year-old from a human trafficking ring.

Here (above) is Graeme’s visualization of Junie as the new Bullet Gal.

NEW_FRONT_COVER_BLACK_SAILSOtherwise, novel #6, Black Sails, Disco Inferno, looks like it’ll be published early via Open Books, and we’re looking at a June release date. It’s a fused-to-the-hip mix of hardboiled noir, crime, pulp, disco… and a retelling of medieval romance Tristan and Iseult. You can find out more and pre-order via their site here.

The book is based on another of my comics, Trista & Holt, which winds up its 15-issue run next month.

#14 of same just received sweet-as reviews from Sci-Fi Jubilee and Fanboy Comics.

Cejv5tvWEAEDuKRIn other news, #7 of British comic book anthology Dirty Rotten Comics was just published, and it includes a story by me and artist Chris Wahl – and that also got a nice write-up thanks to

A few other things are in the works, and I’ll post about same when/if they arise – not that I expect anyone else to bother brushing up same here!



4 responses to “New Bullet Gal reveal, reviews, new novel, plus Crash Soirée

  1. Some awesome news there Andrez! Looking forward to all your new projects. Thanks for a mention of my review of Trista and Holt #14 as well, cheers 🙂

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