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trista-holt-1-except-discoI’m feeling much more chin-up, or chipper, or whatever sounds buzzier than the last entry I made here, and I put that down to feedback and advice from mates and family (always a clincher!) along with a couple of nice write-ups and videos to share.

First up, #15 of Trista & Holt (the grand finale of that noir series) is being published via IF? Commix this week, and we got a wonderful review from Steven Alloway @ Fanbase Press, along with a spotlight thanks to Graphic Policy and a luv’ly write-up on #7-13 thanks to Ben Kooyman @ Australian Comics Journal.

At the end of this month (June 30, in case you don’t have a calendar handy), the novelization of that comic series (titled Black Sails, Disco Inferno) is being published via Open Books.

To highlight what exactly all this means, I penned separate pieces for Bleeding Cool and Pulp Pusher, as well as a celebratory cocktail recipe for TNBBC, and Solarcide gave it a spotlight here.

We also just spliced together a book trailer-teaser, using one of my old unused Little Nobody tracks:

ChBI6d7UYAA-hMQSo, yep, am gearing up for that to drop. Discover more here.

Also out this month is Australian comic anthology zine Oi Oi Oi! #8 from Comicoz, which will be delivering episode two of Magpie – the noir/comedy yarn I do with artist Frantz Kantor.

I can’t wait for this to hit stands too.

Yesterday, Frantz unveiled this video tease:

There’s a bit afoot, and it’s great to be busy/inspired.

More, please. 😉



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