Bullet Gal release date & full cover art, plus Black Sails reviews & interviews

Thanks to Roundfire Books, this week I received the final wraparound cover art for the Bullet Gal novel, plus a confirmed publication date (November 25). The synopsis has also been wrapped, and it reads thus:

Teenage gunsel-cum-aspiring-hero Mitzi (last name unknown) breezes into Heropa with twin 9 mm pistols blazing – only to be targeted for recruitment, betrayal and assassination. French femmes fatale, an out-of-touch super-powered elite, and one hell of an underlying mystery, figure heavily in this fusion neo-noir, science-fiction dystopia. Interweaving the scrappy one-liners is a story much more than the sum of its parts, concerning questions about grand creative process.

Bullet Gal novel wraparound cover

Basically, it incorporates the artwork I did for #4 of the Bullet Gal comic book series, but has been taken so much further by Nick of Design Deluxe.

So, yeah, I seriously dig this and am so happy with the finished product.

BLACK SAILS PROMOStill, that’s over 4 months away. In the meantime we’re still slogging away with Black Sails, Disco Inferno, which dropped last month.

It received a wonderful review from Steven Alloway of Fanbase Press, who read the source-material comic (Trista & Holt) and brushed up on the medieval legend of Tristan and Iseult.

There are great critiques by Karen @ AustCrimeFiction, Matthew Lovitt @ Cultured Vultures, and Dan Leicht, and the cool cats at Criminal Element allowed me to do a write-up about the process behind adapting the comic book series into a novel – and what it’s all about.

The novel is available now from places like Amazon.

Another project I’ve started work on, an IF? Commix thing in conjunction with Nat Karmichael at Comicoz in Australia – and a bunch of talented Aussie artists – is a new comic book anthology zine based around a character I created with Frantz Kantor called Magpie.

13580471_1769774633260205_8732126428437973159_oShe’s currently being serialized through Oi Oi Oi!, but this venture will see our gal accompanied by a bevy of related ‘heroes’ such as Onna Bugeisha, The Fenders and Crash Soirée, again heavily influenced by noir – but also pushing artistic perimetres and a sense of mirth (we hope!).

There’s also a draw-off competition for Magpie being held via her Facebook page, which ends on July 31.

Received from Steve Carter and Antoinette Rydyr of S.C.A.R? This mad beauty (above) – ta, mates!

Finally, over at our American mates Project-Nerd Publishing, who licensed my Bullet Gal and Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat comics, they’ve run this week a series of up-close-and-personal Q&As with the creators involved, including me, Graeme Jackson, Matt Kyme, Paul Bedford, and Galo Gutierrez.

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