There’s some headline-grabbing for you, without a shred of evidence to document same. ’tis balderdash, pure and simple.

Subber:Still, the truth – they say, comes in dreams That’s what Kafka, Lynch, Roy Orbison and Freud would have you believe. Well, it’s been somewhere around 7 months since my last post here, and for good reason – the book launches, Magpie meeting and DJ gig (see previous entry never eventuated, but not without trying, I swear.

So what happened?

Last year, in August, I flew from Tokyo to my birthplace in Melbourne, and promptly collapsed on my mum’s kitchen floor. The reason, we found later? A cardiac arrest caused by golden staph infection of the chest. How I got the staph remains a medical mystery -one that would give Miss Marple jitters but it resulted in open-heart surgery, followed by modern-day lobotomy:a stroke and associated brain surgery) and almost nine months of rehabilitation at hospital in Melbourne.

Anyway, while knocked out early on in ICU I had a particularly vivid dream in which the answer came to me: I’d been the victim of an assassination attempt by the North Korean government of Kim Jong -Un… something to do with outspoken remarks about that government at the high school where I worked. Anyhow, he deployed a shady agent who injected me with black fluid that, in my dream bloomed into the golden staph infection. Yowsers. Of course this was the stuff of nonsense. Even while dreaming I understood this. Once I awoke I shared the subconscious fiction immediately with my best friend and we guffawed over how silly it seemed.

P’raps more disturbing was the Alan Moore beard and disheveled look I embraced over subsequent weeks.

Assassination attempt or not, I spent the next eight months rehabilitating the left side of my body, and wayward facial hair follicles, pining for my family back in Japan while relearning how to walk, and totally missed the publication of eighth novel Bullet Gal.

I’m still not complrtely there – I seem to have lost some of my self-editing finesse along with walking speed.

Now, however, I’m thankfully repositioned in the creative saddle in the midst of loved ones back in Tokyo, working on a serialized comic book anthology called Magpie ‘zine with a horde of talented Australian artists.

Today I started scripting the next installment of Magpie and am itching to get back to that instead of waffling here…

IT’S GREAT TO BE BACK. …Kim’s minions be damned.

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