Onna Bugeisha, IF?ME,TSMG revisited and a Magpie anthology

I’ve thrown myself right back into a couple of projects in order to test out the waters of my new mental capabilities and keep me on my creative toes.

Onna + Tahei on boatFirst up, I decided to reivent IF?Commix with a brand new moniker:IF?ME.

The ME stands for Media Empire. Heh. And first cab off the rank for IF?ME will be a split issue 1: Printed back-to-back are going to be Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat #1 (the revamped edition I ran through U.S. outfit Project-Nerd Publishing and Onna Bugeisha #1, which I’ve created in conjunction with mad artist Gareth Colliton.


Charlie Atlas by Dan

Charlie Atlas by Dan Watts

Sandwiched in between will be episode 1 of The Fenders, a sneak preview of our new superhero outfit with art by Dan Watts and lettering by Marie Mour. Sadly, both Gareth and Dan have been forced to step aside for further adventures. Labours of love do not pay the bills. However. I’ve been devilishly lucky to land Danny Zemp on The Fenders from now on, while artist Marcos Vergara – whom I previously worked with on the Black/White anthology (he also did the frontispiece pin-up in the Bullet Gal novel) is considering Onna Bugeisha.

Frantz Kantor and I are thankfully still on for Magpie, the title strip for an anthology ‘zine being put together in conjunction with Comicoz.


Onna Bugeisha page by moi.

Ken Best is the current artist on two strips for that: the Blow-In and Crash Soirée

Stay tuned for more info…

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