Photo by Damian Stephens

Photo by Damian Stephens

OK, so I’ve (finally) settled back into the groove of Tokyo just over two and a half weeks after returning from Australia.

The trip was equal shades madness and fun, spent mostly with friends and family but also doing the two final Little Nobody DJ gigs in Melbourne and Sydney (for IF? Records‘ 20th anniversary) – both of which went off, thanks to some wild crowds! – and the launch of TRISTA & HOLT Vol. 1 and the TALES TO ADMONISH trade paperback at All Star Comics in Melbourne (ditto).

If curious, you can check out a set sample at Soundcloud.

12002832_934457389945073_7103722835693567606_nAnyway, I’m currently working on a plethora of new projects: upgraded versions of my comic book titles TOBACCO-STAINED MOUNTAIN GOAT and TRISTA & HOLT for new U.S. publisher PROJECT-NERD PUBLISHING, and two different ongoing stories for Australian magazine Oi Oi Oi! with veteran artists Frantz Kantor and Michal Dutkiewicz; I also has a collaborative yarn with artist Chris Wahl in the upcoming beyondblue benefit anthology.

jhp55b8fc5a17393On December 11th, my fifth novel SMALL CHANGE will be available via Roundfire Books in the U.K., so I’m going to have to pull my finger out and do some promo. But we have already scored a great review thanks to the cool cats at Cultured Vultures.

And there are some very nice reviews also up for TRISTA & HOLT #7 (the double-issue guest scripted by Renee Pickup) at Graphic Policy, Fanboy Comics, and The Big Glasgow Comic Page (ta, mates). #8 is currently being fielded, so we’ll see how that goes

There’s a lot more that’s supposed to be afoot, being sandwiched between a return to teaching and day-to-day family stuff here, and hopefully I’ll find a wee bit of time to update this site more regularly. Hard to say, really. I guess that old classic – “fingers crossed” – needs to prevail…!

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