Is There Really An Aussie Indie Comics Explosion? + Bullet Gal reviews & op-eds + Kindle discount

13726796_10209433265926058_2269846548955381111_nSo tomorrow night (Friday 22 July) there’s a panel on at San Diego Comic Con presented by some mates of mine from Australia.

It deals with the apparent renaissance right now in Australian independent comic books — and, as a bit of camaraderie, I took it upon myself to interview 18 creators inside a 3-day period (including editing and writing) for a lengthy piece over at Bleeding Cool.

I’d like to say a word of thanks to Rich at Bleeding Cool for running with the piece (honestly, you don’t find that support from most Australian media), along with the creators who participated: Gary Chaloner, Matt Kyme, Cristian Roux, Fil Barlow, Tim McEwen, Helen Maier, Stu Campbell, Skye Ogden, Darren Koziol, Nat Karmichael, Frantz Kantor, Antoinette Rydyr, Daniel Watts, Jason Franks, Mark Hobby, Chris Wahl, Graeme Jackson, and Steve Carter.

I also created a “repository” of all these people’s original feedback here, which is perhaps further enlightening still.

Bullet Gal novelOtherwise, my next novel Bullet Gal — which is being published by Roundfire Books in November — is already out for review, and is on Amazon for pre-order.

Just today it scored two luv’ly reviews.

The first, from Carol Days at Cultured Vultures, read this: “This is an adaption that not only extends on the characters’ depth but also gives the readers a more humane look into Heropa itself, and the ‘phonies’ living in it… If you’re a fan of the genre noir, superheroes and self-aware meta, then Bullet Gal must be on your next purchase list.”

Over on PopCultHQ, Amanda the Brainy Librarian wrote: “Andrez Bergen captures the film noir essence while keeping a steady flow of humor and intrigue. I was immersed into the world of Heropa and quickly found myself yearning to hear more from my new favorite anti-heroine, Bullet Gal!”

Earlier this week, Barry Huddleston of Attention Earthlings! finished the book and said: “Damn, that was a good read. It was as if Andrez Bergen wrote a book just to entertain me. Bullet Gal is a collection of everything I like wrapped up in a tortilla.”

Bullet Gal Melbourne Observer 2Last week I got interviewed in the Melbourne Observer newspaper, thanks to Cheryl Threadgold, about the book. Cheryl knows her comics & noir — which helps!

I’ve also done a couple of silly op-ed pieces, which anyone who knows me would realize I have a blast writing.

Over on Dan Wright’s Pandragon blog I in compared Mitzi with a drink. Yes, she’s a Luis Buñuel surrealist martini. A martini, because of its attractions in hardboiled literature and cinema as well as James Bond. The surrealist thing thanks to that movement’s fixation on dreams, and its roots in the subversive putsch of dada beforehand…

On Fully Booked, I compare noir with tap water. Seriously.

Cover Art | Who is Killing the Great Capes of Heropa |2013 COVERThere is now also a Bullet Gal novel specific website, jam-packed with loads of information tidbits, references, influences, old comics and films – blah, blah, blah.

Finally, my 2013 novel Who is Killing the Great Capes of Heropa? — which Bullet Gal is actually a prequel to — has an Amazon Kindle special right now.

For a short time it’s selling for just $0.99.

Usually it’s $7.83. So, if you’re keen and like things digital, this is a 473-page tome with 25 illustrations, available from Amazon USA, Amazon UK, or Amazon Australia for under a buck.



6 responses to “Is There Really An Aussie Indie Comics Explosion? + Bullet Gal reviews & op-eds + Kindle discount

    • Thanks, Paul — a lot of fun for sure, and wunderbar news about the SDCC panel tonight! Sadly, the article for Bleeding Cool has generated quite a bit of flak from some disgruntled creators back in Australia, who have taken to believe they were snubbed. When I point out the article is on *contemporary* inroads, and I had no chance to get in direct contact with people I didn’t know, esp. with such a short writing time-frame of 3 days, they’re hardly appeased. Oi vey. :p

      • Yes, the SDCC Panel will be great. Sorry to hear some were bit upset your Bleeding Cool article didn’t mention them. Its impossible to please everyone all of the time, or include or mention everyone when covering such a broad subject, especially then you have a short deadline like that. I know, I’ve had to finish articles and reviews quickly sometimes to meet deadlines, it can be tricky. Hope you are ok?

      • Thanks, Paul — yep, I’m fine; a silly storm-in-a-teacup thing that’ll likely (hopefully!) blow over inside a few days! You’re right, though. I kind of forgot the reactions some people have, esp. when they’re not included in something they believe they have a right to be in. :p

    • It does feel a bit like that sometimes, G. I was so passionate about this, it was an unpaid activity that consumed 4 full days, the creators I contacted were so cool flexing with the abridged timeline — and once it’s published a few people decide it’s offensive because they were not included. I think they need to step back, look at the “big picture”, and stop thinking about what they believe they’re owed — or do the work themselves and write something up. 😉

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