Excerpt, TSMG graphic novel

Excerpt, TSMG graphic novel

I feel like I haven’t had time over the past three weeks to scratch my bum, but actually I have — in between being flat-out promoting the Kickstarter campaign for the Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat graphic novel — which was successful, by the way! — plus doing the 132-page graphic novel itself (I’m doing the art along with words) and starting to do promo for next novel Depth Charging Ice Planet Goth (out in July).

On top of that, this week spring vacation ended and we’ve started a new school year, so I’m back teaching.

OK, so I’ve (almost) come to grips with the fact that we hit our goal — almost. Thanks seriously must go out to everyone concerned, either in making pledges or helping to get word out there. You all positively rock.

The book is pretty much finished, albeit in rough style, so I’m now tweaking the lot, and working with Cocoa on her pages this week.

We’re definitely very early in finishing production (which is great, and mostly inspired by the people mentioned above); I spoke with the printer in Melbourne today, and we’re set to roll with publishing in July as per schedule.

The Kickstarter doesn’t actually finish until May 23, so we’ve set up an option there to pre-order the graphic novel for $30 inclusive of postage to anywhere in the world.

Excerpt, Page 87—TSMG

Excerpt, Page 87—TSMG

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ImageLots happening this week, and not just the upcoming cherry blossoms starting to bud round Tokyo, Cocoa wrapping up Grade 2 today, or the visit to this city of two of my best mates in the world.

First up, I just received the full cover art for my next novel Depth Charging Ice Planet Goth — big thanks to Perfect Edge Books and  artists Nick, Kmye Chan and Sukapon-ta, as well as the early reviewers whose blurbs appear on the back cover or on the first two pages inside the novel — along with confirmation of the publication date (25th July, 2014) and the number of pages (342).

ImageSecondly, this week I got stuck into the creation of a new graphic novel interpretation of my first novel Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat. Just confirmed yesterday? We’re going to test out the waters of a Kickstarter campaign to fund this project — so please check out the details HERE. The comic book adaptation, while touching upon similar territory as the novel — with key characters Floyd and Laurel — will also be a little different, and include material from my ulterior tomes.

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Prima Ballerina_Hannah BuenaToday I’m slipping in here an excerpt from my last novel Who is Killing the Great Capes of Heropa?, published via Perfect Edge Books in September last year. This is Chapter #132, from Page 188, in which our hero Jack tails his teammate the Brick out into the city.

The Brick, for anyone who hasn’t figured this out yet, is hugely inspired by Jack Kirby, Stan Lee and Joe Sinnott’s vision of the Thing in Marvel’s Fantastic Four comic books in the mid 1960s — and the opening to this passage pays equal homage to the sequence in the film Singin’ in the Rain (1952) in which Gene Kelly dances and sings… in the rain.

The store names are one giveaway.

There’re also references to Johnny Guitar (a 1954 Republic Pictures western starring Joan Crawford and Sterling Hayden), and the dance studio is called ‘Satori’ because this is is a Japanese Buddhist term for awakening, “comprehension; understanding”, etc, etc.

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BLACK-WHITE comic Okay, so thanks to the incredible efforts of Matt Kyme, my partner at our new baby IF? Commix, this week we published the BLACK/WHITE comic-book anthology of tales veering into the terrain of noir/crime/dystopia.

And we’ve already scored some brilliant reviews and write-ups about the 28-page collection from the supportive types at Comic Bastards, Geeks of Doom, All-Comic, Weird and Wonderful Reads, Word of the Nerd, Time Out Melbourne, Forces Of Geek and Fanboy Comics — as well as via the very cool Paul Bedford, who does The List, Eva Dolan (author of Long Way Home) and Laurence Campbell (Wolverine, 2000 AD).

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PLANET GOTH cover artOK, so last entry I whined (a wee bit) about the copy editing of Depth Charging Ice Planet Goth (due out mid-year) ‘cos I had no faith in my ability to juggle present/past tenses, but got the final version back — thanks, Dom! — with not quite so many red marks as I expected.

So, it’s now being formatted at Perfect Edge, and the mock-up front cover art also finished (see here) including the painting by Kmye Chan. I went with the white background (a) to make this painting stand out more still, and (b) to reflect the ice/snow symbolism.

Kind of.

Also this week, we unveiled the Black/White noir comic book anthology through IF? Commix.

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BLACK-WHITE cover mock-upSo we now have novel #4 in at Perfect Edge Books being final-copy edited and formatted, taking time on this one probably because the bulk of the story is written in present tense, and while it’s a nice switch and a chance to push myself, I’m not entirely (here read at all!) confident of the interaction between present and past tenses.

But at least we have settled on a name — yep, it’s going to be called Depth Charging Ice Planet Goth — we have the from cover image by Kmye Chan (see below), and now a back over synopsis nicely cooked up by Phil Jourdan, who runs Perfect Edge. Usually I write my own but was all at sea here — likely too close to the yarn — and this is what Phil conjured up:

She’s a disturbed, quiet girl, but Mina wants to do some good out there. It’s just that the world gets in the way. This is Australia in the 1980s, a haven for goths and loners, where a coming-of-age story can only veer into a murder mystery.

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IMG_7101Today in the mailbox, thanks to the efforts of Australia Post and Japan Post (日本郵政社), I received a package from my collaborative partner Matt Kyme back in Melbourne.

Matt’s the artist with whom I’m currently doing a little comic book titled Tales To Admonish, issue two of which was launched yesterday in our collective hometown (on Australia Day no less), and that issue rolled up today in a jiffy bag. It looks an absolute treat — full gloss, with splashes of colour.

Also in the pack was #2 of fellow Melburnian Craig Bruyn‘s From Above, which I just read… and it is an absolute romp you need to check out.

But the best thing was something included along with these comics.

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