sb10064750i-001This past week marked two diverse flavours: one of closure, the other of commencement.

Before getting all airy-fairy I’ll explain this clearer — it means I polished off #11 of the Bullet Gal comic book series, after having decided to finish up with #12, and I started my fifth novel which has the working title The Mercury Drinkers.

I decided three weeks ago to conclude the current Bullet Gal arc, which just seems perfect timing, at an even dozen issues.

That clocks in at about 350+ pages. While the series has been an absolute romp and I’ve learned so much via the process — and while the critical reaction and sales have been amazing — I think I’ve told the story I wanted to tell.

art by andrez + ding

art by andrez + ding

Plans are afoot to collect all 12 issues into a trade paperback, and wunderbar artist Niagara Detroit has generously offered us use of one of her mind-blowing noir/pulp pictures for the front cover.

Meanwhile, back to the series… Well, rather than go too far off tangent or get overly self-indulgent, better methinks to keep the story tight. Besides, even while we’re publishing monthly via IF? Commix, Bullet Gal #12 won’t be out until May/June 2015.

By which point I hope to have polished off The Mercury Drinkers. Yeah, all right, I do live in a fool’s paradise, so shoot me. But I’d prefer you don’t.

And? There’s always more waffling, you know that. Continue on here to be assailed.

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Page_01I hate using the word ‘fall’ for autumn. It always gives me the compulsion to push someone over.

But then I guess we’d have to change it to “fell”. Or “shoved”.

Anyway, that inanity aside, it’s the beginning of that season here in Japan, and I got back just over a week ago from Australia.

That trip was mad for a variety of reasons, 95% of them positive and/or terrific. For starters, catching up with friends and family in Melbourne was a blast, plus acclimatizing to familiar sights, sounds and taste sensations.

And I got to finally meet Matt Kyme, my co-conspirator with IF? Commix over the past year! The guy is a legend, as is his family.

The IF? Commix comic book launch on August 17 was equally mad. We shifted almost half the print-runs of the Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat graphic novel and Tales to Admonish #3, and pretty much sold out That All Star Bulletproof Kid and Bullet Gal #1.

10620672_1668770903349013_5165262496086895188_nThanks to all the people who came: the artists, the writers, the comic book aficionados and fans, the curious, the parents, the film crew and bamboozled passers-by. Respect to the bods at Classic Comics, who were amazing hosts. Thanks to the fine weather and apologies for the crazily long queue — but otherwise? Wow. Thank YOU, Melbourne. You can check out some of the pictures right here.

The book launch for Depth Charging Ice Planet Goth on August 13 was… um… not so great. And for one mostly wrong reason.

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LAUNCH POSTER REDUX FX 1OK, so I’m heading to Narita Airport in a couple of hours — and while I should be packing, instead I tweak Bullet Gal #7 (which isn’t due out till January 2015 anyway) and quickly put together this post. How does the old Peter, Paul and Mary song go again?

‘Cause I’m leavin’ on a jet plane
Don’t know when I’ll be back again
Oh babe, I hate to go

Yep, I cheated and googled the thing; my memory isn’t what it was Actually, I don’t think it ever ran smoothly. So, anyway, back to the point — I do know when I’ll be back in Tokyo again (later this month), and I don’t exactly hate to go as I’ll be home for the first time in 3 years, and get to see family and friends. I’m seriously going to miss Cocoa and Yoko (who’re visiting the in-laws), but cannot wait for the Melbourne food.

And the book launches.

We’re doing two this time round.

First cab off the rank is the launch jaunt for my 4th novel Depth Charging Ice Planet Goth, which will take place at Brunswick Bound from 6:30pm on Wednesday 13th August. There’s a Facebook page for this here. We’ll be selling the new novel at a discounted rate, along with a few copies of my previous novels which are seriously hard to track down in Melbourne! Bah, humbug. There will nibblies and tipples too, along with a few comic books (shhh!).

After that, on Sunday 17th August from 1:00pm, we’ll be doing the IF? Commix 5-Title Launch thing at Classic Comics.

Me, Matt Kyme and Mike Speakman — along with literally dozens of local Australian comic book writers and artists — will be hocking and scrawling all over 5 new titles from IF?, namely the graphic novels Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat and That All Star Bulletproof Kid, and comics Bullet Gal, Carmen, and Tales to Admonish #3. Speaking of Tales to Admonish, we just got two pretty astounding reviews thanks to Dustin @ Comic Bastards and Shawn @ Weird and Wonderful Reads.

UntitledOh, and the first 25 “lucky” dogs who buy all 4 of these new titles (Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat, Carmen, That All Star Bulletproof Kid, and Tales to Admonish) will be eligible to get the first 6 issues of Bullet Gal for just $12. Otherwise we’ll be launching only #1 and #2 of the series here.

I also have a giveaway.

Since we’ll be launching the Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat graphic novel — funded thanks to the generosity of people who supported the Kickstarter campaign — I’m going to let people grab the original 2011 book gratis. You too can acquire the iPad/Kindle/PDF versions right HERE.

Anyway, I seriously need to get offline, guzzle brekky, pack properly, and get myself out the door and onto the N’EX.

More waffling when I get back from this Peter, Paul and Mary romp.


Wilks Wilkinson by Matt Kyme.

‘Wilks’ Wilkinson by Matt Kyme — Tales to Admonish #3

You know what?

There are far too many people that I need to thank.

And you know how I’ve realized this? The acknowledgements sections in my books run for pages on end, even when I reduce the font-size and you need a magnifying glass.

You should try writing your own, whatever your lot in life, and when truly nutting it over you’ll likely find the exact same thing. Not the eyepiece, but the list-size. I’m not complaining here — far from it, I’m indebted, hugely appreciative, and am in turn inspired by these people.

And sometimes we forget to, well, acknowledge all that they have given to us — so this is my posting to go somewhere toward rectifying the issue.

I wrote this before, a few days ago, when I was especially moved by the support and encouragement I’ve been getting from a wad of remarkable people. WordPress promptly “lost” the post and all that was written, albeit gushing.

Now, however, it’s humid and sweltering in Tokyo and hard to get all excited about anything except the refrigerator (my new best friend). Obviously, I cannot wait for the Melbourne trip coming up in less than a couple of weeks in order to chill down — though I’ll prob’ly whine about the weather there too, the moment I set foot off the plane.

Huh. Wasn’t this posting supposed to be all about saying cheers?

OK, so here we go.

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Bullet Gal 4 COVERNow that June (2014) wraps itself up with a neat little bow, I’ve finally found a miniature window of opportunity to update this blog thing. Besides, it’s pissing down and humid here in Tokyo so I figure I need a distraction.

My own fault for lack of time, if not the weather — between working the day-job and trying to be a hopefully sufficient dad to Cocoa, I’ve been plodding away at a new comic book (titled Bullet Gal) which we’re publishing through IF? Commix from August.

I’ve just started #4 (see mock-up cover art here), but we’ll be launching the first two issues in Melbourne (Australia) on Sunday 17th August @ Classic Comics in the CBD. I’ll also be printing up copies of #3 for the day — since I’ll actually be there (and home) for the first time in three years.

The launch is the first IF? Commix jaunt Matt Kyme and I have put on, and we’ll be unveiling 5 local titles (actually 6-7 comics), ranging in price from $1 for a printed mini-comic to $15 (two graphic novels). The jewel in our ramshackle crown is the comic Matt and I do together — Tales to Admonish — and we’ll have #3 ready to roll for the gig.

Mike Speakman and his mates will also be launching Carmen, while Matt and I are doing the Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat and That Bulletproof Kid graphic novels.

Bullet Gal is my other baby — something I started working on after I finished TSMG in May.

It’s basically telling the back-story of Mitzi, a.k.a. Bullet Gal, who made appearances in Tales to Admonish #2 and my novel Who is Killing the Great Capes of Heropa? (which I’m also currently converting into a comic book script — more news later). We’ve already got some great reviews of the first couple of issues thanks to Steven Alloway @ Fanboy Comics, Shawn Vogt @ Weird and Wonderful Reads, Paul Bowler @ Sci-Fi Jubilee, and John Kowalski @ Word of the Nerd.


I’m really happy with the way it’s shaping up, and if anyone’s vaguely interested in this noir/crime/mystery romp, pre-orders for $1 of the digital versions are online @ IF? Commix.

Meanwhile my fourth novel Depth Charging Ice Planet Goth is out and about early, and already up on the various international forms of Amazon — see links to the right-hand side of the page @ Perfect Edge Books. Amazon USA in fact has a 31% discount on pre-orders, while at Amazon UK pre-order saves 25%. Looks like the Kindle will be available from the official release date (July 25th).

Which brings me to the second launch I’ll be doing in Melbourne in August.

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Just realized it’s been a month since my last self-indulgent entry/soapboxing here, so thought I’d rattle off something quickly before heading to work.


It’s been a mad 4-week hiatus, one in which (a) the Kickstarter campaign for the Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat graphic novel ended (and successfully — thanks to all who supported!) and the book was finished up, (b) I started fishing for reviews and feedback for my next novel Depth Charging Ice Planet Goth, which’ll be officially published on July 25th, (c) I got author copies of same and read this in a few days, (d) I re-read Raymond Chandler’s The Long Goodbye and Farewell, My Lovely, (e) I manhandled Mark Millar’s Superman: Red Son and re-read the original Kick-Ass, (f) I finished off plotting for our comic book Tales to Admonish #3, and also did the cover art this week (see here), while artist extraordinaire Matt Kyme is currently doing the inside art, (g) I did a mini-comic called Bullet Gal, and (h) I plodded away at my regular day job… teaching English.

But wait, there’s more…

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I’m not sure if the title of this posting makes it sound terribly Shakespearean (with emphasis on the ‘terrible’ bit) or I’m swiping moniker ideas from Ray Bradbury (he penned Something Wicked This Way Comes, remember?).

Anyway, it’s almost May, and the year is flying by. Probably doesn’t help to have been living, breathing, dreaming, eating and… um… excreting this graphic novel thingamajig over the past six-odd weeks, which I pretty much finished off last night, at 3:00 a.m., at the 140-page mark. It’s longer than expected, and I’m upping the colour ante from 50% to 75% — so if you’re keen at all to take a peek, show support and pre-order the beastie via Kickstarter, you can do so here over the next 24 days.

TSMG COVER smallerHere’s the mock-up front cover artwork. I still have quite a bit of tweaking/fiddling to do, but we’re not printing until July so I’m loving the extra time. Also Cocoa and I are going to sit down and do her pages this week.

Anyway, back to the grindstone, which I’m actually loving. Next entry I should also be back more focused on Depth Charging Ice Planet Goth, which is being published also in July, on the 25th.

Hope all’s cool at your end too. ;)


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