Heropa deconstructed @ Sequart; Planet Goth gets fatter

OK, this time I’m (a) blown away, (b) chuffed, (c) flattered, or (d) honoured. Circle the appropriate letter of the alphabet — or better yet tick all four options.


Why? Because Matthew Kirshenblatt over at Sequart Research & Literacy Organization has here deconstructed, analyzed, reconstructed and reviewed the nitty-gritties of Who is Killing the Great Capes of Heropa?

And a stellar job too. Wow.

I love this piece, and (as I mentioned) I’m blown away that Matthew, Julian Darius and the other cool cats at Sequart have followed through with this article.

You can read more here.

Otherwise, the novel finally scored a print-media review thanks to David Williams at Geek Magazine in the U.S., which he also nicely forwarded on to me:

GEKP-131100 FINAL-p33

If you don’t find the issue in newsagents or bookshops (’tis #9, the one with Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead on the cover), you can order Geek online here.


Um… supposed to be working right now on the new novel (#4) but am wasting time doing blog updates.


That book’s moniker stretched yesterday from Planet Goth (which wasn’t quite doing it for me) to Depth Charging Planet Goth, a name I prefer but am still getting used to. It’s also changed location from Melbourne in 1986 to the city of Nede (pronounced ‘Needy’) in ’86.


The book is currently sitting on 49,000 words.

If anyone’s vaguely interested in the process and supposed progress, I’m updating the Facebook page for the novel on pretty much a daily basis here.

Now go have a good weekend!

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