Received today in the post: Comic book #1

Just received this rather brilliant package in the post, thanks to the inestimable M’sieur Matt Kyme (he’s my evil partner responsible for the Tales to Admonish comic here).

So bloody cool to see our baby (#1) in print.

And lovely extra bonus goodies: Matt Nicholls & Simon A. Wright’s Divine Comedy Comic Book and Craig Bruyn’s From Above comic book… all three Aussie stuff. Got nice notes from these guys too. You all rock. And Matty?… Ta.

Otherwise, plenty to report book-wise.

Funnily enough, Matt reported last week that the first print-run of Tales to Admonish had sold out, so I’m glad my physical copy showed. Anyone still interested in #1 can pick up the digital version from our rubbishy website for just $1.

Meanwhile my novel Who is Killing the Great Capes of Heropa? scored a brilliant review thanks to the very cool crew at NerdSpan (cheers to Mara Whiteside) and a very interesting analysis by Patrick Hayes @ SciFi Pulse.


Heropa? is doing pretty darned well, and if you’re interested in checking out a 473-page book that focuses on noir/sci-fi/comicbooks, with 35 illustrations, head to Amazon USA or Amazon UK ā€” although you save on postage costs (this is a weighty tome!) at Book Depository.

Lastly, all my recent time has been spent wrapped up in and somewhat overwhelmed by the writing of novel #4 ā€” which has changed name again.

It’s now titled Depth Charging Ice Planet Goth, and has 75,000 words under the belt… but is proving to be an absolute brute in terms of control… ie. this one is out of mine!

Loving it, however. I hope it finishes up as well as it’s feeling right now.

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